"In the 12 years since he first moved to Minnesota from southern Illinois, this remarkably fluid guitarist has positioned himself at the center of the Twin Cities jazz world...Whether playing alongside the McKnight-winning Atlantis Quartet or fronting his own Zacc Harris Group, Harris makes his mark, incorporating lessons from the greats into his own forward-looking style." - City Pages

"Harris delivers a sound that is lucid, clear... providing rich-sounding accompaniment and well-crafted solos."
- Clive Griffin, Jazz Improv Magazine

"Among several Twin Cities players who have developed an emerging contemporary sound, a blend of city tension and wide-open space."
- David Cazares, MPR News

"Worthy of John McLaughlin"
- Cadence Magazine

"The Garden showcases Harris's compositions, which adeptly and compellingly link the past and future of jazz, and guitar work, which is consistently articulate with an enticing fluidity seemingly influenced by the likes of Wes Montgomery and Pat Metheny."
- Rick Mason, City Pages

"Harris makes his own mark on standards with enough new hooks to keep jazz alive."
- David Cazares, MPR News

"[Animal Progress] is the full blossoming of a signature Atlantis sound that taps historic elements like swing, bop, and free jazz while referencing contemporary bits of funk, rock, and world music, then rolls it all into a cohesive bundle of kinetic energy with the visceral allure of intense fireworks and the intellectual challenge of multilayered complexity."
- Rick Mason, City Pages

"Guitarist Zacc Harris is gaining a reputation as one of the hardest working guitarists in town. He has been presenting his original music in a number of different ensembles, each one striking and unique. This brand new group takes Harris’s music to a new level, each member bringing certifiably heavy credentials to the band."
- Dakota Jazz Club

"You can hear [Wes] Montgomery's influence in Harris' playing. He has the flowing lines, the mellow tones, the feel for the blues and articulation needed to play that style."
- Bill Stieger, The Villager

"One of the best and most creative guitarists in the region."
- Brent Stewart, Flipside